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About Us

We are a company created on 2017 and  based in Guadalajara, Mexico, created mainly to provide natural cleaning solutions to common water problems, offering natural and innovative PRODUCTS to improve water quality and clarity with support from 4 years ago of the company BIOVERSE.


You can be sure that by using Bioverse natural products, you are doing what is best for your water and at the same time what is best for the environment.


Bioverse holds the belief that the best way to treat water is through the use of natural ingredients.


With Bioverse products you will never have to come in contact with chemicals again.


Through the use of natural formulations, our products address the most common problems associated with clarity and water health.


Small Bodies Of Water

Small bodies of water

Ponds And Lakes

Ponds and Lakes

Our Products

We are experts in solving problems with pond water, offering the following products for each specific need:



AquaSpherePRO is a totally natural, biodegradable sphere that continuously produces and releases bacteria and enzymes for a period of 30 days.



Natural Blast is a stronger formulation of bacteria and enzymes, its presentation comes in a soluble bag designed to have greater impact on water.



Start using dyes in the water as the pond begins to show improvements with the use of dispensers and supplements.

What to expect?

Over time and the continuous use of Bioverse products, you will be able to see an improvement and maintenance in the quality and clarity of the water, while also eliminating the bad smell. The water at the beginning of the treatment can take a cloudy look during the first days, while the bacteria begin to work but over time this turbidity will disappear and little by little you will see a positive impact on your pond…

"Since using AquaSphere PRO, I have cut the use of fertilizers in half in my field.Another great benefit besides saving on the cost of fertilizer is to control the algae and my irrigation lines are much cleaner. I have not had a change of sprinkler heads from the use of AquaSphere PRO This is a great natural product that really improves the quality of the water I put in my ponds. "

"Last year at the National Golf Club in Washington DC we started treating our ponds with Bioverse products. We have noticed a significant reduction in algae and better water clarity in all treated ponds. The products are safe and very easy to apply. I am impressed with the fact that we can improve our ponds with products that are environmentally safe and really work.With a great product, we have received great service, professionalism and a passion to achieve clean water! "

"The ponds in the field are in average depper than usual, that adds more water to treat in. The quality and clarity of the water in the ponds this year was phenomenal. The product did everything the team of Bioverse said, I will use this natural approach again next season. "

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